सुष्मांजली …एक काव्य संग्रह 

“खुशियाँ महसूस की जाती है,

मुस्कुराहट बाँटी जाती है ,

प्रेरणा मिलती है हज़ारो से,

जिससे  ज़िन्दगी काटी जाती है”।


इसी सकारात्मक सोच को मेरी किताब “सुषमांजली…एक काव्य संग्रह ” युक्तिसंगत करती है।आप अपनी काॅपी अमेज़ोन से मँगा सकते हैं।


शेयर करें,अपने दोस्तों को टैग करें और प्रेरित करें।

प्रस्तुत है मेरी किताब की कविताओं  के कुछ अंश 😇

मुझसे जुड़ये फेसबुक पर:


Crystal Ball


I hope I could see you,

through the crystal ball,

spinning my hand on it ,

with innocence and smiling like a doll.


You look so suave and charming,

like a prince of the reign,

walking through the garden alone,

freeing the birds from the chain.
These birds are envoy of love,

You send it from there,

I wish they could come to my side,

to shower your dream with care.


The dreams of beautiful life,

Where you could be my soulmate,

moving through the sea shore,

having together the perfect date.


Moon’s light is blessing us,

with the tides waving high,

dancing on the tunes of the wind,

gazing the stars in the sky,


This is the place which I see,

through my eyes,you are the one for whom

my heart, my soul really lies.


©Ranjeeta Ashesh


Today I m gonna share bful moment of my life  dear friends …😆
yesterday…I did this balloon decor for my valentine (obviously my husband). When he came back from office…he got awestuck seeing the ambience and his expressions ,his million dollar smile was…priceless.😍 



वो पल मानो वहीं थम सा गया,

मेरा मन ना जाने किस में रम सा गया,

बचपन से जो सोचा था कभी,

वो अजनबी मुझे अचानक जम सा गया ।


सब कुछ एक सपना सा लगे,

कैसे कोई अचानक अपना सा लगे,

ना जाने किसने दीवाना किया मुझे,

अब तो हर लम्हा बेगाना सा लगे ।


जो ख्व़ाब था कभी,

उसको चेहरा मिल गया,

मिलने को जो आतुर थे कभी,

उन नैनो को बसेरा मिल गया ।


यूँ ही कैसे टकरा जाते हैं दो अन्जाने,

रास्तो पर चलते- चलते ही बन जाते है  अफ़साने,

जिसके प्यार से जीवन खिल जाता है,

कोई तो बात होगी जो लाखों मे,

एक हमसफ़र मिल जाता है ।


© रंजीता अशेष

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My smart phone



I was walking in my room,

My maid was cleaning it with the Broom,

She kept the bucket aside

filled with  water for sweeping,

I was buzy with my smart phone,leaping

and creeping.


Soon my phone slipped

Out of my hands,

Went for a water bath,

O my god…It was such an expensive brand😯.


I took it out rapidly,

but it was too late,

My mobile soon got crashed,

All my dreams shattered and slashed.


I was traumatize,

Pressing each button to analyse,

But alas couldn’t realize,

It’s gone,it’s dead,

Lying infront of my eyes.


I cried ,my maid got worried,

She ran to bring glass of water,

trying to console me,

not a single word I could utter.


“How will I  live now”,

was my biggest concern,

“what about my online friends”,

I  yearned 😐.


“Ufff…who had given me comment”,

“who gave me likes”,

“what about my profile pic”,

which was getting so much hikes.


My smart phone took 2 days,

to get back in its form,

I revived,got new life,

as if I came out through the wild storm.


Long live,my dear mobile,

at the end just want to compile,

you are the heart ,I am the beat,

you are the sun and I am the heat😆

©Ranjeeta Ashesh

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