Moments to cherish

Interview with celebrity poet Dr. Mangal Naseem ji

Award ceremony

The days come and go,

they don’t wait for any kind,

but they give you moments which,

remain still in your beautiful mind😊

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Got an ‘Award of honour’ from celebrity poet Dr.Ashok Chakradhar Ji

हँसी को हमारी इतने पैगाम मिल जाते हैं,
मुस्कुराहटों को हमारे इतने सलाम मिल जाते हैं,
खूब आता है ज़माने से गम छुपाना हमें,
शायद इसलिए, नसीब को हमारे इतने मक़ाम मिल जाते हैं।

-©रंजीता अशेष

It can’t get bigger and better than this. What a wonderful feeling to receive an award of honour from the celebrity poets, Dr.Ashok Chakradhar Ji and Dr. Mangal Naseem Ji.Got opportunity to meet renound personalities Dr. Kunwar Bechain ji and Dr. Kirti kale ji.Spellbound listening them.

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From Author to Compiler😊

From writing for self-improvement to compiling with/for others, I grew up. It gives me immense pleasure to witness my hard work paying off. As a compiler and initiator, Here is my first book “Lamhon se..Lafzon tak” wherein as many as 60 contributors have shared their piece of art. I got the opportunity to do the compilation and as a Co-founder wrote appreciation letter to all. Surely it’s a rare and proud feeling for me, in fact for us all. And on the top of it, the delight and contentment which I saw on the faces of the contributors during the book launch was simply priceless. Moments ceased in there. ❤❤ Do connect on my Facebook page: My book ” Sushmaanjali. .ek kaavya sangrah ” available on Join me on instagram