Strength combined with power,

focus combined with will,

no stone can be unturned,

If you are regular with your drill.


Gym gave me all I wanted,

it helped me to fight depression,

all my energy was chanellized,

when I was buzy doing leg extension.


The challenge it throws,

Is not easy to attain,

the hard work does pay,

Since you are bound to ignore your pain.


It made me fit and lean,

which lifted my confidence,

came out a butterfly from cocoon,

who was ready to acknowledge  her presence.


Gym is a place to carve dreams,

It is full of positive energy,

the equipments and peppy music,

combine to create wonderful synergy.


Yes,I am Gym’a’holic,

addicted to fitness by walking miles,

It completely changed my persona,

which gave thousands of reason to smile.

Ranjeeta Ashesh

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