Crystal Ball

I hope I could see you,

through the crystal ball,

spinning my hand on it ,

with innocence and smiling like a doll.


You look so suave and charming,

like a prince of the reign,

walking through the garden alone,

freeing the birds from the chain.
These birds are envoy of love,

You send it from there,

I wish they could come to my side,

to shower your dream with care.


The dreams of beautiful life,

Where you could be my soulmate,

moving through the sea shore,

having together the perfect date.


Moon’s light is blessing us,

with the tides waving high,

dancing on the tunes of the wind,

gazing the stars in the sky,


This is the place which I see,

through my eyes,you are the one for whom

my heart, my soul really lies.


©Ranjeeta Ashesh

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