My smart phone


I was walking in my room,

My maid was cleaning it with the Broom,

She kept the bucket aside

filled with  water for sweeping,

I was buzy with my smart phone,leaping

and creeping.


Soon my phone slipped

Out of my hands,

Went for a water bath,

O my god…It was such an expensive brand😯.


I took it out rapidly,

but it was too late,

My mobile soon got crashed,

All my dreams shattered and slashed.


I was traumatize,

Pressing each button to analyse,

But alas couldn’t realize,

It’s gone,it’s dead,

Lying infront of my eyes.


I cried ,my maid got worried,

She ran to bring glass of water,

trying to console me,

not a single word I could utter.


“How will I  live now”,

was my biggest concern,

“what about my online friends”,

I  yearned 😐.


“Ufff…who had given me comment”,

“who gave me likes”,

“what about my profile pic”,

which was getting so much hikes.


My smart phone took 2 days,

to get back in its form,

I revived,got new life,

as if I came out through the wild storm.


Long live,my dear mobile,

at the end just want to compile,

you are the heart ,I am the beat,

you are the sun and I am the heat😆

©Ranjeeta Ashesh

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30 thoughts on “My smart phone

  1. Oh my God!!! This is hilarious!!
    I loved that profile pic and liked part, haha. That’s exactly how I react when I publish a post and keep on staring at my phone for the coming comments and likes!!!
    It’s amazing!! 🙂
    May I reblog it? I will give full credits to you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good attempt.Yes, truly said..Now a days we are so dependent upon these gadgets.We, ourselves make us handicapped by resorting to them entirely. Letter writing helps to improve our vocabulary n knowledge but Smart phones make us lazy n wastes our time.

    Liked by 1 person

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