Love rediscovered at Nubra 


Marriage with an army man brings so many responsibilities. I ,with my kids were  staying separated as my husband was posted in Laddak. Alone with kids, each day there was the same chaos,waking them up early morning for school,preparing their tiffin,solving their silly problems,etc,etc. My own very life had come to the hault. It was so monotonous that with each passing day I started cursing my husband 
“What am I doing here”,

“Am I the maid servant of his kids”

“Am I suppose to get punished for his job”

“Why I solely bear the responsibilities of kids”.

All such questions started boggling my mind with fierce anger towards him.

Days passed and “here comes the summer vacations. .yipee”.I was supposed to visit him at Laddak.My parents smelling the fumes of my frustrations offered me help.They asked me drop my kids at their place.My mom said 
“it’s just the matter of 10 days,go and enjoy your trip”.In a dilemma I boarded Air India flight for Leh feeling guilty and confused without kids.

As the flight landed,The mesmerising view from the plane’s  window was enough to titillate me. Icecap mountains and as I got down…There he was,my man,standing right infront of the exit gate waiting for me.He was looking suave and handsome,my heart started beating so fast as he came close to me,and gave me a tight hug.All my fatigue went to rest.I was rejevunated with his warm touch.
He took me to the parking,one taxi was waiting for us,the moment I was about to sit ,the driver said “jule mam” with smile,I anxiously looked at my husband,he replied, “It means hello”.I got it”jule..jule”, I replied with broad smile.
Cool breezes were blowing all around with which we started the journey to Nubra.It’s a gorgeous drive,generally well metalled road shadowing the spectacular river valley.I was feeling like a newly wed, rejevunated, holding his hand at the backseat,smiling..blushing,
having all the wild thoughts which had overpowered my mind.In few hours we reached Khardungla pass it’s customary to have photo with the board there stating “highest motorable road (18,379 ft)”.As I came out from the car..jaw drop beauty all around,snow all over with so much of peace and serenity.Driving through this pass was a nerve racking experience. The views are breathtakingly beautiful. 

Plunging into shyok valley via khardungla village,distant hamlets and their patchwork fields add human touch to muscular scenery and immense views.We were coming down to the world of its kind.The sky was clear,weather was cold ,as if the whole cosmos trying to make my day memorable.Driving along the shyok river we reached Diskit Monastery…We got down,I was experiencing some divine connection with this place.As I was walking upstairs, all my exhausted nerves pumped up.I saw 32 metre high Maitre Buddha statue…”so big ,so huge “I whispered astonishingly. “It’s the landmark of Nubra valley”, my husband replied .We had lots of clicks with pious and wonderful diety of peace.
Freshen up with whole ambience,it was indeed rocking drive.We were about to reach our destination..Hunder village where double hump camel can be seen grazing on the dunes like landscape between the foot of mountain and braided shyok river.There we had booking in an organic resort. It had smart tentage in lush green farms.When life blessed me with so many surprizes, I was unable to have control on myself, I surrendered to the magical sand dunes of Hunder. As I entered my tentage, I was astonished  seeing bed with attractive quilt,side tables ,washroom with hot and cold water.So everything was amazingly maintained in this remote corner of India. No mobile,no network ,no disturbance. It was only about him and me,all the romantic songs of my favourite movies were flashing here and there.I was in love again. Everything seems so magical.That evening,in the lawn ,bonfire was arranged, people were dancing on the light music.I too shook my legs on the melodious romantic tunes  with my beloved. After having a sumptuous dinner, we went back to our tent.No worries,no complaints, it was this precious moment,I wanted to live. Next morning, rays of Sun brought life on this stretch of desert.”Gud morning dear “I heard his naughty voice,I opened my eyes..saw him ,standing infront of me with cup of hot coffee.I was speechless. After getting ready, we went for joyride of double hump camel in the desert patch.
All of us have heard the story of The Genie and three wishes.If he had asked me ,It would be definitely, visit to Nubra with my soul mate. The adventurous and funfilled journey to be remembered lifelong. I want to conclude my story with these lines:



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29 thoughts on “Love rediscovered at Nubra 

      1. Wow is this really was fiction? I couldn’t differentiate. Even I have this wish of going to ladakh on a bike just me and my friends and my brother. My parents are not a fan of those curvy roads. Haha.

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