Being mom is not easy

Just few months ago we had packed all our stuff to shift to new city.husband being into transferable job my kids are not privileged to enjoy the advantages of same school,same friends.
My son 10yr and daughter 5 yr old , took almost 6 months to adjust ,to make new friends.Each day when I get them ready,their eyes tend to question me

“Why we are here mumma”

“I don’t wanna go to school mumma”

They were quiet and bit reluctant, it used to take whole lot of promises to ensure that after school they will have whatever they want.blackmailing them at this tender age was the only option.

New bus,new kids and being a protective mother seeing them with some notorious kid ,my heart starts beating faster.I always tries to keep myself in their place and was unable to relate about the adjustments they had to make because of their father’s job.Everyday was a new struggle,trying to focus on studies ,then learning school rules and at the same time trying to make new friends both in school and in colony.

Challenges were endless and these little masters have to start from scratch.My son being ace footballer in previous school has to prove his worth in this school again.He had to go through all the competition because at new place nobody knows him.When he comes from school , his only worry was

“mumma. .today some of my classmates were playing football…They didn’t included me in their team..I was sitting alone”

As a mother it is highly disheartening to see so much of anger in him ,he didn’t liked his school but then where was the option.

I had to calm them down every single day,each day after school prepares their favourite meal to make them comfortable.They were pampered by both of us so that they tell us their experiences frankly.sometime they were upset ,sometime they were puzzled.Being a mom is not easy…I have to behave like their friend.I counsel them ,always  encouraging them to be extrovert.Always ask them to believe in god,have faith and patience. Narrating stories of legends to motivate them.Trying to contact teachers to help them to cope with studies.Slowly asking for classmates mothers number,interacting with them.Taking my kids to their place..uuhh.So much stress just to make my kids comfortable.

Soon all my hard work started reflecting ,after 3 months my son volunteered and he got chance to play and the anecdote he shared when he came back from school was so exciting and exuberating.

“Mumma …everyone was astonished to see my goal..all were calling me champ,I m so happy mumma..u were right ..this school is good”

The happiness for me was priceless.It was utter sense of relief seeing kids settling down.I learnt one thing,whatever may be the situation outside ,if there is happy and peaceful environment at home,the kids grow and enjoy every moment of their life.

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