My School

So happy,So proud,
to be part of this,

marvellous crowd,

All assembled with love and glee,

yes ,dear friends,we are here to celebrate

our school’s diamond jubilee.


It took 60 glorious years,

Working together day and night,

To make each student realize their dreams,

To groom each one of us into proud “josephites”.


We all are different,we are rare,

It’s all because this school

Gave us power to dare,

Dare to dream,dare to speak,

Dare to change this world,

With morals and ethics


Un doubtedly the best school in bhopal,

Each corridor,each premise witnesses

each day whole new story,

Came out from it so many shining stars,

Definitely it’s the institution of fame and glory.


We are so lucky

To be able to see manifestation of this

Magnum opus through our eyes,

It’s my school,it’s our school,

It’s the place where our heart really lies.


©All rights reserved

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25 thoughts on “My School

  1. We cherish in our hearts fond memories of our school….it was the colour of the uniform…the air …smell of furniture….lectures of principle in the morning…scolding of our teachers….bags , bottle, tiffin that we carry …friends we made ….the laughter’s …the cries…the pain and the joy…oh so much it is..
    It was our second home…we miss it.
    We love it…sooooooo much…..

    Thanks for writing so beautiful poem

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