3Ds of DANGAL: dreams,dedication & determination

When I saw the promo of Dangal for the first time,I was hooked to the idiot box.Each frame was better than the other.The powerpacked performances  and strong storyline kept me captivated.

Behind the scenes of dangal impressed me more.The  transformation from fat to fit….aamir’s video left me awstuck. So much effort he put to regain the shape. Patience and perseverance  were the key to attain his goal.The hard work of whole crew is reflected in each shot …for me it’s the making of blockbuster where…casting,music,lyrics, story..Each detail is being worked on so beautifully.

The promos are full of positivity and inner strength which can move the mountain.It definitely changed my perception towards life…One can make his life blissful and successful by conquering body,mind and soul.Nothing can be ignored…fit body leads to healthy mind.  Preparations should start early, as dreams do come true when executed in right direction.

I am a person who used to believe in destiny but now do think that Destiny could be challenged with determination and dedication.As parent I have started working more rigorously for my kids.This movie indeed is motivation to transform oneself.

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