Mom..I’ll call you later

Sandhya was mid age women fighting her loneliness,after her son left to seek his career.As like any other housewife, reminiscing the glorious 25 years of her successful marriage life With an understanding husband and a loving son. She hardly had time to rest as 24×7 she was on her toes fulfilling everyone’s demand.

Her son Rishi got the job and he was placed in one of the renowned company in a metro.Sandhya was in cloud nine.As Rishi left her,she started feeling emptiness in her life though her husband tried to be with her all time but her heart was with Rishi.Each day she used to rang him up with excitement but within seconds all her joy withers away when she hears “mom…I am busy, will call you later”and that later never comes on time.

Each day was the same drill,she dials with hope and enthusiasm, to listen the voice and just few words from Rishi.But the wait was depressive and unending.
Rishi was really busy with his work ,it was not that he was ignoring sandhya…he was just relaxed that his father is there to look after sandhya undermining the emotions of a mother though in naiveness but unable to realise what a mother wants from her kids.

One day Rishi got a call,this time from his father” your mother is no more”.Shocked and shattered Rishi had an array of questions “what. ..howcome”,”don’t joke please”,”Are you fine papa”.Coming back seeing his mother laying lifeless was hard to believe.Sandhya died in a road accident.
“Mom.. please get up,talk to me he cried but all in vain.The only thought gazing his mind was “why ..didn’t I called her back. The only thing left was regret and guilt.

Yes dear friends,life is indeed unpredictable, don’t wait for any d-day,each day is beautiful and do take time out for near and dear ones.Do talk to your elderly and call them.They don’t need you they just want to hear you.Rishi till date hears his mother’s recorded calls.”Rishi are you “and the helplessness to reply…leaves him into tears.

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4 thoughts on “Mom..I’ll call you later

  1. I got goosebumps.But it is actually what happens.Seeing my grandparents withering with age,I also make it a point to attend their calls on time no matter how busy I am and where I am.I do not leave any moment to make them feel special whenever I am with them.I do it not just for them but because I know the wheel or cycle of Karma!

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