#Having baby changes everything

It’s a blessing for sure

The perfect marriage…perfect honeymoon destination…perfect partner…:)..what else u want in life ….. certainly life after marriage was bful dream which I was living and soon comes the gud news….ya..u all got it right☺

My life changed into a  bful canvas in which by each passing month new colors were added …too many advices,anxiety,inhibitions..my body was changing and with that my entire outlook.I was eagerly waiting for the D day. ..The thought of seeing my own creation was just enough to intrigued  me everyday.

But soon this excitement got a brake…I got admitted in the 7th month and doctors did c section to save me coz of complexity occurred. I gave birth to preterm baby…ya I was a mom now…but for how long ..I didn’t know.

From a lady to a mother…this transformation brought lot of challenges.But her cute little face..I remember… her head so small that nurse used small socks as her balaclava ..within a day my whole life changed..whether she was a blessing or a curse… was difficult to  identify..But when I held that little bud in my hands…I promised myself..I’m not going to let her go…..I’m a mother now ..its my responsibility to take care of her and make her survive. I could not afford to be careless now. Everyday there used to be a new surprise and of course they were not the pleasant ones. The nights were sleepless….. spent praying with only pure intentions…and dedication.God answered my prayers…There was a new dawn..she took 3 months to become 3 kg but I discovered patience..which I never experienced earlier.Being positive helped me to cope up the situation. Being a mother is the gift from God to his loved ones…Motherhood demands lots of care,patience and love. All new mothers and would be mothers….. take good care of yourself… be happy …. enjoy every moment. … never panic…. have patience. … you’ll have a wonderful and blessed life.
©Ranjeeta Ashesh 

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