Ignorance is ….in

Today thru out the news channels and wats app…The surgical strikes were hitting the headlines…thru Facebook I met so many  frnds …so many wats app group to cherish frndship ..but then their ignorance regarding the news…There fake support for Indian army..confined only to uploading post and getting likes…They are so happy to b violent online…only thing they want is … wwaaarrr…as if they will b sitting in Air conditioned rooms watching live telecast…remember…Sanjay explaining live event to dhritrashtra😂
  Feels pity….why we blame media…They are presenting what aam aadmi is demanding.Not single friend showed concern for aftereffects of war in fact somebody said” इतने सालो से लड़ाई नही हुई कही जंग ना लग गई हो सेना को”तो.How easy it is to manipulate news and make it tea time gossip.Felt like sending everyone for one day trip to kashmir. .. अपने आप अक्ल ठिकाने आ जाएगी 😠

©Ranjeeta Ashesh 

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6 thoughts on “Ignorance is ….in

  1. Well said..👍🏼Those people would’ve been from amongst the same people who stood as mute spectators when a female was stabbed recently multiple times in broad day light and also those who almost everyday conveniently choose to ignore any tragedy of a co-human

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